The strategy for Activate Assets is to link with a partner to help fund and develop relevant courses for the Retail Market and Spectator Safety Industry Sectors.  Not all programmes will be funded, as there will be significant full cost work and this may be shared with the partner, depending upon expertise and resources available.

Activate Assets are also developing programmes for major market bodies with the view to becoming their preferred supplier for levels 1, 2, and 3 in their effort to engage and upskill the Market Trader. As a partner, we fully appreciate the need for close attention to quality and we are happy to fit in to any QA Policy and procedures.

From our viewpoint, there are three main aspects to the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA):

  • Verifying assessment
  • Developing and supporting assessors
  • Managing the quality of delivery

Verifying assessment

  • Sampling strategy – agreed before the start of any programme
  • Producing and disseminating a sampling plan – documented from day 1
  • Carrying out interim sampling – scheduled to take place regularly
  • Carrying out summative sampling – on conclusion of any qualification
  • Keeping clear, accurate and detailed records of the assessment process:
    • Monitoring assessment practice – tracking progress
    • Observing assessors in action – planned and recorded
  • Conducting interviews with learners – during and post course
  • Standardising assessment judgements – minuted meetings and standardisation activities across the whole qualification.

Developing and supporting assessors

  • Ensure all new assessors have an appropriate induction – recorded on file
  • Provide support, guidance and advice to assessors – continuously, both formally and informally
  • Provide written feedback to assessors after sampling activities – recorded on file
  • Identify assessor training needs – plan and record progress
  • Ensure all assessors undertake CPD.

Managing the quality of delivery

  • Manage assessment resources
  • Link with the Awarding Body
  • Manage EQA visits and follow-up action plans
  • Endorse claims for learner certification
  • Ensure IQAs keep themselves up-to-date
  • Ensure that accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date assessment records are kept for each learner and for the course as a whole.

Activate Assets are currently approved by IQ as the Awarding Organisation, for all aspects of Retail, Customer Service, Business Administration and Spectator Safety Apprenticeships. This includes functional skills and ERR

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Activate Assets Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of WMC Retail Partners Plc.